Vivo Y73 Reviews – A Look At The Vivo Y73’s Main Camera And Features


Vivo Y73 – A New smartphone in the high-end segment is sure to create a buzz among all the smartphone lovers and power packers. The phone has been developed by Vivo and its trademark technology called as the VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) allows the calls to be routed through Internet rather than via traditional phone lines. It has also got an impressive camera along with numerous other features to pamper the users. In short, the Vivo Y73 offers a complete package to the consumers which they can consider purchasing it rather than another smartphone which is not as advanced in its class. Let us find out how to buy Vivo Y73 Online. vivo y73

Vivo Y73 Launch Date: On coming to the reviews of the handset, we see that the Vivo Y73 has been launched in China on July 10th, which is quite some time back. Then it was introduced in UK on August 8th, immediately after the Indian launch. There are some other countries also which have released the smartphone simultaneously such as US, Singapore and Malaysia. In this article, we will take a look at the main features which the Vivo Y73 offers and how to buy it online.

Main Camera: The digital camera of the Y series is located at the rear and it looks identical to that of the iPhone5s. However, in this model, it is not equipped with Apple’s smart technology like the iPhone which uses the LCD screen for the snapping process. The digital camera in this handset is capable of taking good pictures and it is capable of recording videos also. The Vivo Y73 has got a 2.2 megapixel camera which is a little lower than those in the iPhone.

Memory Options: The memory of the vivo y73 is expandable too. It has a space of eight gigabytes in which additional gigabytes can be added as well. It is possible for the user to add more storage space to the handset. This is one of the unique features of this handset which is not available in the iPhone. The other two mobiles which have similar camera setups have limited memory which do not allow adding more after upgrading. So in this case, the handset comes handy for those who are looking for extra storage.

Hardware Specs: The body of this handset is made up of glass and aluminium, which is one of the lightest phones available in the market at present. The phone also has got an impressive camera set up and has got a five megapixel main camera along with a laser autofocus as well as image stabilization. The camera is connected to the via a USB port and can be used to take photos and videos. There is also a slim line of six megapixel resolution for the secondary camera.

Software: The software of this smartphone is based on android operating system. The unique feature of the application is that it integrates the q Document application along with the Windows Live Writer application. So this handset does not support the use of the PDF reader. It is however compatible with the WPD and Live Writer files. Also, the software supports the Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync and therefore this handset is capable of synchronizing with the mails, calendar and contacts of the users as well as accessing the internet.

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